True Stories in 10 Minutes: Wisdom To My Younger Self

Jess Newham, aka "Betty Who" tells her story at "Lost & Found"
Jess Newham, aka "Betty Who" tells her story at "Lost & Found"
Hope you can join The Living Room for an unforgettable night of true stories told live from the stage by 5 storytellers.  The Living Room is a conversation incubator open to the public and featuring real people sharing real tales of hope and courage.  TLR Stories v4: "Wisdom To My Younger Self" is Thursday, April 3 at 7:30 pm, and it will be a night of pure inspiration. Tickets: http://thelivingroompresents.wordpress.com/contact/

The Living Room is a concept ‘conversation space’ whose mission is inspiring people to share their life experiences in a community of like-minded people; take the time to look beneath the stories we hear and tell one another; and break through the ‘digital daze’ of our 24/7 technology-filled life, says EG resident and TLR founder Deb Walsh.  The events, which have also included themed salons for small groups, and workshops with visiting authors, are produced and programmed by EG resident Walsh, a former PR exec and writer/producer, turned story finder/curator. Prior TLR Stories themes include “Beginnings and Endings,” “The Good Fight” and “Lost and 

 “The concept is both incredibly simple and remarkable profound, this act of telling and receiving stories,” Walsh says. “When people share a story, there is this element of true vulnerability and courage that gets telegraphed to the audience. When people hear another person’s tale of fear or loss or awakening or confusion, the story becomes a window into our own experience.”

According to Walsh, the process is just as moving for the storytellers. “As they tell – really reveal - their stories (and these can range from the seemingly banal to the tragic), the storytellers are in a sense re-writing their experience, giving it new meaning and dimension. For the audience, it’s like stepping into someone else’s journey, 
just as you would a film or a book – but this is more organic. There is an alchemy that happens when we tell a story of hope and loss and pursuit and conflict – we become the hero of our own life.”


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