At Co-op Preschool, It’s Here A Chick, There A Chick

The school started with 30 eggs and an incubator, courtesy of Casey Farm.

The little chicks at are balls of fluff that only days ago were still inside their eggs. That’s the magic of getting eggs from Casey Farm, said longtime teacher Kate Gallogly.

The eggs - they had 30 this year - come with an incubator. When the hatching starts, said Gallogly, the kids get very excited. The eggs started hatching Sunday night.

By Monday, “we had six working at once,” she said, “cracking and pushing and pushing and cracking.”

The chicks have to push through a membrane that surrounds them and through the egg shell itself.

Of the 30 eggs, 21 hatched. Almost all of the chicks are Dominiques, but one chick is the tawney color of a Rhode Island Red. They will spend a few more days at the school before they return to Casey Farm, living life outside the shell.


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