Meeting Tonight about Ocean Avenue Safety

Neighbors in the area are concerned about speeding and a rash of crashes involving cars into houses.

Residents of the Ocean Avenue and Narragansett Boulevard area will meet tonight to talk about a rash of crashes in the area recently, several of which involving cars crashing into houses.

The meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at the Rhode Island Yacht Club, will include members of the Cranston Police Department. Residents are expected to urge an increased police presence and more traffic-calming measures.

On Oct. 14, a car crashed into the house of Michael Schlesinger. A few weeks later, a car crashed into a house near the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Narragansett Boulevard near the yacht club. The resident there said the crash broke the foundation and sub floor and it will costs almost $200,000 to fix the house.

Those aren't the only two incidents. Residents have reported other incidents involving shrubs and trees being run over by cars. 

Residents are calling for traffic calming measures and an increased police presence. They believe much of the problem is people using the Edgewood neighborhood as a shortcut into Providence.

The Cranston Herald reported that the city is looking into some extra safety measures and construction in the area could start as soon as next year, depending on whether certian plans are put out to bid and if the city can get the right financing.


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