Ski, Snowboard Savings And A Seed Sale

Cost-saving ideas this week celebrate the now (winter!) and dream of the future (spring!).

1. A used parallel universe: March (and spring!) is just around the corner, but with all the snow this season, there’s still plenty of ski season left. Pick up some cheap used skis at  and head for the slopes. Anderson’s has an extensive selection of new skis, boots and snowboards, but if your wallet can't handle that investment, climb the stairs and check out their less-comprehensive-but-also-less-expensive used equipment. A pair of skis with bindings from upstairs can run a mere $100. With one-day equipment rental costs averaging $25 to $30, buying used can be a very smart way to go.

2. Downhill deals: Take your new used equipment down to Exeter and give Rhode Island’s own Yawgoo Valley a try. Proximity is not the only thing to recommend our ski “mountain.” Go on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and lift tickets are only $20. Weekend and holiday rates increase to $42 for adults and $36 for children and seniors, with reduced evening rates. For just $12 you get an hour of tubing at Yawgoo, with the tubes provided.

3.  Apps on the cheap: So, you’ve spent the day at Yawgoo and the last thing you want to do is face the kitchen. Head over to the for something to drink and some low-cost appetizers. Monday through Friday, for just $5 (instead of the usual $8 to $12) you can order any of their appetizers.

4. Springing ahead: For those who may have had enough of winter – okay, 99 percent of us! - check out the seed selection at . Seed packets are on sale this week (from $1.29 to $4.99 a piece), as are seed starter mix ($2.99 for an 8 qt. package) and grow pots (89 cents a pack).

5. Print this! There’s nothing like getting what seems to be an amazing deal on a printer only to find out that replacing the ink cartridges can cost nearly as much - repeatedly. At , 1000 Division Street, you can bring in your empty b&w or color cartridges and they will refill them while you wait for a mere $12.99.


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