Volunteers Complete Another Successful Cemetery Cleanup

But there's still more work ahead.

Submitted photo.
Submitted photo.

The folks from the East Greenwich Historic Cemetery Advisory Commission has more good news to report:

The East Greenwich Historic Cemetery Advisory Commission is pleased to announce another successful round of cleanups.  

 In fact, our cleanups on June 21 were the most successful to date, as we were originally only planning to address 3 cemeteries but thanks to the outstanding efforts of our volunteers we were able to clean and rehabilitate 5 area cemeteries.   The following Historic Cemeteries were cleaned: Cemetery 30 on Meadowbrook Road, Cemeteries 21, 31, and 33, on South County Trail, and Cemetery 28 on Franklin Road.   Since the formation of the Commission we now have cleaned 8 area Cemeteries, including the adoption of a handful more by the Community.

The Commission would like to thank the volunteers for their efforts: Robin Wittwer, Sharon Lawler, Ramon Alferos, Alan Clarke, Michelle Place, Carrie Votta, and Ben Votta.  We could not have done this without your help, and we are extremely thankful for your efforts and dedication. 

Despite the successful efforts of the group, we still have a lot of work ahead of.  The next cleanup date(s) are TBD, but in the meantime if you or someone you know would like to take part in a future cleanup, need community service hours, or want to ‘adopt’ a cemetery, contact Vice Chair and Volunteer Coordinator ML  Formisano at mlformisano@cox.net for details or if you would just like general info about us and our efforts you may contact Lea Anthony at 886-8643.

The East Greenwich Historic Cemetery Advisory Commission was formed in December 2013 and is tasked with restoring and rehabilitating the 91 area historic cemeteries, amongst other duties, including raising public awareness. Consisting of five members appointed by the Town Council we are happy to serve the town and look forward to future cleanups and to continue the process of getting these cemeteries back into the condition they belong in.


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