At The Odeum, It's Nearly 'Showtime'

Saturday's re-opening concert – featuring Chris Jason and his big band among many others – brings a live-music venue back on line after years of darkness.

The street outside the Greenwich Odeum was pulsing with big band sounds. I knew what was going on – I'd been invited to the rehearsal. But for the couple walking down Main Street last Sunday night, it was an invitation. They poked their heads in the door long enough for vocalist Chris Jason to call out, "Come on in."

Jason and his band were there trying out the stage and figuring out the acoustics for their performance on Feb. 16. Jason is also performing solo in Saturday's grand re-opening concert. 

In addition to Jason, performers include Phoebe Madden, Skip Healy, Ritchee Price, and more. For more information about the performers, click here.

East Greenwich resident Charles (a.k.a. "Smiles") Kalajian was on drums on Sunday. He'll be performing with Jason as part of the big band on Feb. 16, but he's also going to be backing many of the acts on Saturday.

The sound coming from the stage was big. Kalajian, who said he was excited to play at the Odeum, remarked on the theater's sound:

"It's big. It's live. It's going to be live at the Odeum."

Tickets for the opening and other events can be purchased online by visiting the Odeum’s Web Site at www.theodeum.org, or by calling 401-885-4000. Chris Jason brings “Sinatra at the Sands 1966 Revisited” with a big band on Feb. 16.

To read a story from Providence Journal on the Odeum's re-opening, click here.



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