'Blu' Abuzz With Activity, Aims For Sunday Opening

The restaurant must still obtain several permits – including a certificate of occupancy, liquor license, and victualing license – by end of business Friday if it is to open Sunday afternoon as hoped.

There’s nothing like a deadline to spur activity. And there’s been a lot of that this past week at . Owners hope to open Sunday. But without approvals from, at a minimum, the Fire Marshal, the Fire Alarm Superintendent, the Department of Health, and the town’s Building Inspector, that won’t happen.

Glenn Chelo, one of the owners, said he knows it’s going to be tough.

“It may not look it, but it’s pretty close,” he said Thursday amid the comings and goings of numerous construction workers and deliveries. Despite the chaos, he had nothing but praise for town officials.

“We do business in a lot of wonderful cities. None has compared to East Greenwich,” Chelo said. “It’s like we’re the only thing happening in the city. I know we’re not, but that’s how we’re being treated. They come down whenever we call them. They can’t give us enough advice. We’re blown away. It’s awesome.

“We’re looking for a temporary CO, if we can,” said Chelo, referring to a Certificate of Occupancy. “If we don’t get it, it’s our fault.”

Much of the work as focused on the deck. The idea would be to open the deck and the Wharf Tavern area, leaving the main restaurant area to be opened later.

The Chelos have added two outdoor bar areas, making a total of three bars on the deck. There is the large, original bar located just north of the restaurant proper and enclosed by a tent, and the two new bars, one right in front of the restaurant and a third in front of the Wharf Tavern.

That third bar appears to extend partially into the public access way to the waterfront. By law, the way to the water must be clear from King Street straight to the water. However, exact measurements are not known, said Town Planner Lisa Bourbonnais.

An inspection Thursday by the enforcement arm of the state Coastal Management Resources Council did not turn up any violations.

CRMC spokeswoman Laura Dyer explained it this way: “The right-of-way issue is never a clear one because a lot of them are so old. The lines may have shifted” over time.

The only way to really know the exact right of way would be to obtain a survey,  Bourbonnais said. In the meantime, the town’s building and zoning official Wayne Pimental said there’s lots of other things to be done at Blu for it to be able to open.

“There’s still a lot of inspections,” he said. “We’ll look at what they have done and we’ll decide what can open and what can’t.”

The owners of Blu will know by Friday at 4:30 p.m. if they have the green light to open this weekend. If they do, they've tentitively scheduled Brass Attack to perform Sunday afternoon.

EG Patch will keep you informed.

Alan Clarke June 29, 2012 at 09:59 PM
I was going to stay out of it this time but I can't let alll this nonsense rest. We know very well where the ROWs are and we've been through it all so recently that those in charge should easily refresh their memories. It seems that now Kenny Harris's Marina is shut down, all issues of ROWs have gone away. Nonsense. The King Street ROW is very clear on paper and 20 Water Street knew where it was. They had a special arrangement with the Fry town government that meant they could build the deck past their southern boundary and into the ROW. Former Council President Marion Fry wanted a boardwalk and 20 Water Street's Tanner jumped right in and built one. The new outfit should check their deeds and it seems the town planning department needs a refresher course in them too. And the CMRC should should also go back a couple years in the books and see what they told Kenny Harris at the Rocky Hollow ROW. It's all still there. The ink's probably still a little damp.
Elizabeth McNamara June 29, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Thanks Alan. We haven't finished with this issue ... and now I have a better idea of where to look for answers!
Ericka Forman June 30, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Chello said he is happy doing business with the folks who regulate business here and that is good. Hopefully the employment that the restaurant creates will last and the tax revenue help. But I live on King Street and the noise and traffic coming from the waterfront is terrible at times. We put up with drunken idiots yelling outside our homes and peeing in our yards. This occurs into the wee hours from Thursday night to Saturday while families, some with children, are trying to sleep. I don't want to be negative, but this behavior dampens my enthusiasm for the good this can create. Perhaps their clientele will be less obnoxious. I hope so.
John July 07, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Worst experience of my life this is not the same as the waterfront...
Ericka Forman July 07, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Well I have looked at Blu's deck and their is a bar and several tables right up to the edge of the deck across the right of way. Does this mean we can sit down and relax while enjoying our right of way.


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