La Masseria Picked As Most Romantic EG Dinner Spot

In total, 81 votes were cast and La Masseria got 23 of them.

It turns out that when it comes to romance, EG Patch readers like Italian food. Okay, we know EG likes Italian food just about any time, but for a romantic dinner, La Masseria was the reader’s number one choice during this week’s “You Pick” — the first of a new weekly feature we’re running.

In total, 81 readers cast their votes. La Masseria got 23 votes; second runner up was Siena, which got 16 votes. A number of other restaurants got votes as well, but these two were the only ones to top double digits.

Among the other restaurants favored by readers were Cafe Fresco with 6 votes, Besos Tea House with 5 votes, and Bistro 9, Frank and John’s, and Tio Mateo’s, which all got 4 votes.

On Monday, we start “You Pick: Best Car Shop,” so get ready to rev your keyboard engines!


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