Readers Like 1149 For Mother’s Day Brunch

The Division Street restaurant has brunch every Sunday, but for Mother’s Day, it’s available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

was the Readers’ Choice winner this week for best place to take Mom for brunch on Mother’s Day. The popular dining spot got 42 percent, or 31 votes total.

Second runner up was on Post Road, with 27 percent, or 20 votes total.

Eleven Forty Nine sent in a statement about their brunch: “Unique stations at 1149 Sunday Brunch provide a warm and social environment for all guests to enjoy. A variety of options which will suit every taste in your party and the inviting jazz music sets the tone for a relaxing and comfortable brunch experience.”

To get a real idea of the brunch offerings, however, you’ve got to check out their website — they list a whopping nine food “stations,” offering everything from omelets to carved meats to desserts.

T’s, meanwhile, has made serving breakfast and lunch into an artform — and that’s not a reference to the many paintings on the walls! They are so popular on weekends, you’d be wise to send a scout ahead to put in your name and do some of the waiting.

Mother’s Day is nine days off — , don’t say you weren’t warned!

sharon gilmore May 04, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Well i'll tell you what I think of 1149! Two years ago in April I left work and went to 1149 to book my reservation for Mothers Day as we had a party of 12 I think it was. I spoke to the young man at the door about all the details, he called his boss over the phone and asked if he wanted to take down all the details. The reply was no go ahead and take the infomation. So i gave all the infomation and left. Mind you i went in April because I had heard that the Mothers Day Brunch was good! Well the Friday before I called to verify my reservation for 12 and was told they did not have my reservation!!!! WHAT!!!! I went in personally to make my reservation because I didn't want any mix up from a phone call. I was told that they didn't have any room for the reservation time I made that they could fit me and my party of 12 in at the 4:00 time. My reservation was for 11:00 iI think. Well I was not happy about my reservation being messed up and I was lucky enough to find a place that had openings and we all had a GREAT time !!
gladys_kravitz May 06, 2012 at 01:27 AM
Overpriced!!!!! Food was good, but way expensive!


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