Stocking Up For The Super Bowl

East Greenwich will eat a lot of food on game day.

John Eddy, the manager of at 1000 Division, says this weekend will be controlled chaos as customers load up for the big game.

The shelves are packed, extra staff will be on duty and the trucks of key suppliers will roll in with stock to replenish the shelves on both Saturday and Sunday. "We'll stay ahead of the wave until it crashes," Eddy says.

Saturday will be the big day, but Eddy expects to be busy right up to game time on Sunday as customers fill their carts with chips, salsa, soda, chicken wings, bread, and rolls. He says the demand will be for anything party related.

The Super Bowl weekend is always big, but having the Patriots play is making it even bigger. Eddy expects traffic to be double that of a normal already busy weekend.

In Benny's Plaza at 5600 Post Road Erica Maddalena at Wild Harvest is expecting a busy Saturday and is geared up for a rush, including fully stocking her "grab and go" case.  

On Friday she will take special orders until closing at 6 p.m. Those orders can be picked up on Sunday morning.

Maddalena says most of the orders are for dinner-type foods: lasagna, mini pastrami sandwiches, and pork cutlets, as well as her homemade nachos.

To cover all the bases she has put together food selections from New England, New York and even Indiana. 

She agreed that having the Patriots in the big game helps and gives the weekend business an even bigger uptick.

Next door, at Scrumptions bakery, owner Anna Carrerio is also bracing for Saturday. She has cookies decorated as football helmets, player's jerseys and of course, footballs. There are also cupcakes decorated with a football sticking from the frosting. On Saturday there will also be cakes and whoopie pies.

As of Thursday, nobody went as far as ordering a custom-decorated Patriots cake for the big day, but anyone who wants something tasty with a Patriots theme will be able to find it.

If your store is doing something special for the Big Game, leave the information in the comments!


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