Sweet Nest Owners Close Cupcake Shop at 431 Main

Family considerations win out over running a business.

The “open” signs are still out, but at 431 Main St. is closed for business less than three months after it opened.

Carrie Simonetti and Kate McGowan took their love of baking into the shop they named The Sweet Nest” and opened their bakery-tea house concept in mid-may.

In response to a Patch request, David Merigold, a participant in the business, issued the following statement;

“In the end there was much more involved in operating the business than any of us expected.  The long hours, the detrimental economy, the weather, all played a part in the ladies deciding to close the shoppe.  As you may recall, each had children and in the end the sacrifice outweighed the gain.

"The support of the East Greenwich Community and the Our Lady of Mercy Family especially proved to them that the concept was sound and profitable. Kate and Carrie wish to thank their friends, family and the entire town for the tremendous response and positive memories they will take from the experience.

"To the entire community, we give you thanks and playing on the words of Winston Churchill, stay calm and have a cupcake.”

Simonetti and McGowan each have sons who just completed third grade, and it was while they spent time together during their son’s activities that they decided to go into business.

The store name also came from the boys and their interest in birds.

The cupcake shop concept spread across the country after the success of a store in Beverly Hills, California. 


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