The Stones's Charlie Watts At Besos? Yep

The column starts off thanks to an email "demand" from former resident Mark Thompson.

This was in my email inbox Saturday morning: "If ... Charlie Watts were in East Greenwich, I demand photographic evidence!"

It came from EG native, former Pendulum reporter, current columnist for Time magazine Mark Thompson, who — oh yeah — just happens to have earned a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting along the way.

Ug. Charlie Watts was in East Greenwich?

So, I did what any self-respecting 21st century journalist would do: I googled "Charlie Watts East Greenwich." And there it was — on the Pendulum's website. We'd been scooped! Charlie Watts had been seen at , EG's hip new Main Street eatery.

Still, we had a chance. The Pendulum didn't have a photo. Maybe there was a photo out there. I turned to a journalist's second-best friend in the 21st century: facebook. I sent a message to Besos owner Kristin Dellagrotta, asking if she had snapped a picture.

No picture!

"Tony and I thought it best to let him be!" she wrote (Tony Morales is chef and co-owner). But she did give me a bit of info about Watts's visit. It turns out that his daughter lives in Saunderstown and he came with friends of Kristin's from Wickford. "So he may be back next time he's in town," she wrote.

We can only hope....

If you have an EG star sighting you want to share, send an email: elizabeth.mcnamara@patch.com.


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