5 Things: Apathy or Contentment?

Everything you need to know about life in East Greenwich today, Wednesday, June 13.


Wet Weather: More rain is expected to continue through the end of the week—great for priming the gardens!

CasiNO or YES? The House last night OK'd a bill that allows Twin River and Newport Grand to transition to full casinos. Two amendments that proposed tax hikes on the games were not passed. Do you agree with this decision? Let us know.

Apathy or Contentment? Town Council President Mike Isaacs said last night the low turnout to the Financial Town Meeting—54 people—is a sign voters are happy with the way the town is run. School Committee Chairman Deidre Gifford expressed similar thoughts, saying if people wanted to challenge the budget, they could. But some argued 54 people shows a voter population that is apathetic and feeling like they can't make a difference.

A tribute like no other: Teacher Tim Kenney was able to share his end-of-the-year remembrance with all of Patchland. How did he do that? He published his touching blog. You could be just like him. It's free.

Father's Day will be here soon. Do you know what you're buying the man in your life? If you're not certain, peruse our directory of store listings, which has reviews and comments on service and selection on so many stores.

Heather Larkin June 13, 2012 at 10:29 AM
KK June 13, 2012 at 12:26 PM
I think no one showing up at a town meeting has to be an improvement over the contentious attitude that existed at one time in this town. I remember the days when it was "the parents" against the "gray hairs" (early T party?). Each group rallied it's side to attend the meeting to either vote for the school budget or to vote against it. Many times the "gray hairs" were successful in slashing something off of the budget and they went home happy. Of course, the buildings were neglected during that time period and we had to spend more money eventually to make up for that loss of revenue early on. I was one of the "parents" and now I am one of the "gray hairs". I think we now realize that fighting the money spent on the schools is not the right thing to do. Hope the "parents" know that we are supporting the schools instead of voting to deny them their tax dollars. Did all of those people leave town?


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