READER ROUNDUP: Enliven Drudgery of Mid-Fall Darkness

Check out a sampling of reader comments on Patch sites throughout the region.

East Greenwich: "Halloween has deep roots not only in religion and in other cultures but also as an event that is exciting precisely because you are out after dark on what is sometimes a school night. That is part of its appeal- it enlivens the drudgery of mid-fall darkness. It is silly to shape everything around a suburban notion of child-centered family schedules. Let it be- and I say this as a member of a two working parent two kid family!" — POLL: Should Halloween be Celebrated on a Saturday

Coventry: Can anyone imagine if we actually had a real disaster in this area? National Grid couldn't handle Irene and have been duped by a rodent?! How embarassing. Let's hope that the bear that shows up in South County on occasion or even worse Bigfoot don't get ahold of a power line. We'll be in the dark for months!" — Jim Quinlan, commenting on UPDATE: Power Restored; Squirrel to Blame

Cranston: "If the proposed pension reforms do not succeed, I, and my family, will be making plans to leave Cranston, and Rhode Island, within the next 5 years. I have already told my kids not to move back here after finishing college." — Bill Caldwell, commenting on Fire Union Leader Charges Treasurer With Falsifying Numbers

Johnston: "DEM knew about the the site in 1990. How come the Landfill didn`t know about the land when they bought it?" — Joseph McCauley, commenting on Lawsuit by Resource Recovery Heard In Court

Narragansett: :I love Narragansett because it is safe to walk, run, bike, or skate board. Let us keep it safe and not let anyone coherse anyone else to do something they do not feel comfortable doing whether it be with words or an alleged weapon." — Lyn Budaj, commenting on Stonington Man Arrested for Alleged Abduction Attempt

North Kingstown: "Blowing off steam doesn't necessarily mean we have to debauch and degrade ourselves." — Guy_Fawkes, commenting on 'Dirty' Dancing Out at NKHS.

South Kingstown: "Talented Kids....Lets keep them around. And congrats to the Union Fire District Ladies Auxiliary for such a creative idea." — Welcome House of South County, commenting on Pumpkin Luminary Raises Funds For The 'Burnt Out Family Fund'

Wonsocket: "It doesn't have to be just tax payers. Registered voters could vote on-line. Many of us are comfortable with on-line banking, tax returns, etc ... Online voting does not have to the the "be-all and end-all." It could provide our representatives with the pulse of their constituents - obviously - as displayed recently - our current delegates are not quite hearing what we are saying. If the system works, the council could eventually be reduced or eliminated." — Jim Bobb, commenting on Councilman Dan Gendron is Appreciative of Support


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