Reader Roundup: 'Isn't this exactly what we were all opposed to in Egypt and Syria?'

Check out a sampling of reader comments on Patch sites throughout the region.

East Greenwich: "A journalist arrested? Isn't this exactly what we were all opposed to in Egypt and Syria? This is not right."  — Connie Zack, commenting on EG's Bob Plain Gets Arrested With Protesters in Boston

Coventry: “As far as I'm concerned, he's a hero in my book.”  — Mutato, commenting on Rob Marshall: From Foster Care To Fatherhood

Cranston: "I am guessing that most of the children did not break any law other than following their parents to a strange land where they thought they would have a better life. Some were probably born here. I do not even have children but believe that any taxes I pay that go toward educating ANYONE is money very well spent."  — Jim Dawson, commenting on Poll: Should Illegal Immigrants Get In-State Tuition in Rhode Island?

Narragansett: "Great coverage for a fabulous event. Thanks everyone for showing up and having a great time! I sure did!"  — Nancy Arnold Devany, commenting on Celebrating Youth in Narragansett

North Kingstown: “how can we expect to keep a reputation for good schools if we can't offer what a good school can? It seems to me that losing $2M from the schools in this economy is an awful outcome, but these other losses make it all the more awful.”  — NKMom, commenting on NK ‘Rhetoric’ Could Jeopardize Jamestown Tuition

South Kingstown: “Guess there is no liberty for the other Chambers only Soviet style domination. Southern RI Chamber, why not South County or Washington County Chamber? No more accurate than what they now claim.”  — I’m Tired of the Games, commenting on Local Chambers Threaten Lawsuit Against S. Kingstown

Woonsocket: “This city has gone to hell in a handbag!!!!! Not only is the city dirty, so are people in public office. I use to stand up for woonsocket when people put it down...now I have to agree”  — Local Resident, commenting on Retired Clerk Arruda Arrested For Fraud


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