Story Drumming, Blood, China & More

Five things you need to know about East Greenwich today, April 18.

Blood Drive @ NEIT: You can donate blood today at between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. It’s amazing how good getting stuck with a needle can make you feel!

Story Drumming: Before the complexities of modern music, wandering societies would draw together around the fire, using drum for dance, song, and story-telling.  Drumming connected them to the earth and to their own natural rhythms. Steve Caraccia, owner of , and Wendy Fachon invite you to come out and play. Their fun assortment of drums offers something for everyone, including a big booming buffalo drum, bongos, tamborines, a kid-sized lollipop drum. Or, if you like, you can bring your own. Anybody can engage in drumming, which is story creation at the most heart-felt level.  Think Native American fire ceremony. Think African safari.  Think Indian elephant ride.  Think Caribbean vaca- tion. From 11 to noon today. It's free! 

Avenger action: The varsity and JV Boys Baseball teams play Tiverton this afternoon in side-by-side games. Watch some great baseball and check out the new Varsity field dugouts too.

China presentation: Photographer and tour operator Richard Ferland will present “” at the East Greenwich Free Library tonight at 6:30 p.m. As a tour operator, Richard offers information on the practical side of travel to China, with guidance on everything from when to go and what to pack, to how to shop and bargain. As both a visitor and someone who has lived and worked there for a number of years, Richard has immersed himself in Chinese culture. He will teach you some phrases to help you get by, give you tips on interacting with the locals, and present a slideshow featuring his award-winning photographs of the country. It’s free.

Weather: It's not as warm today, but still a great day on tap. #lovespring


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