EG Likes Academy Field Best

All 10 parks and playgrounds got some votes, but Academy Field was the clear favorite, capturing a third of the votes.

When it comes to favorite park or playground in East Greenwich, is the people’s choice: 34 percent (31 votes) went for Academy Field.

Reader Mike Lenihan said it best: “This is a tough call. I'm torn between Frenchtown Park and Academy Field. Frenchtown is a place of quiet beauty providing some.wonderful vistas; solace to be "away." On the other hand, Academy Field in my mind is the closest thing we have to a village green. I've see everything on the field from Kentish Guards musters to youth soccer and little league games to spring golfers practicing their chip shots — a nice family oriented space.”

and fought it out for second place, with Shovlin earning the spot by a one-vote margin. That kind of evens out the voting, with Shovlin on the east side of town, Academy Field on the west side and Frenchtown Park kind of in the middle.

Next week’s poll is on where to buy your Sunday best. It starts Monday morning.


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