EG's Bob Plain Starts Long Road Back To R.I. In His 'Occutour'

Former my02818 and EG Patch editor Bob Plain has been on the road for 32 days, reporting on the Occupy movement.

Bob Plain — founding editor of my02818 and East Greenwich Patch — bought a 45-day Amtrack train ticket back in late November and started traveling across the country, stopping at cities along the way and reporting on Occupy movements through his blog. On Sunday, he announced that he's started the long trip back to Rhode Island.

After several days in the Northwest, Plain has boarded a train for Los Angeles and plans to take a southerly route back across country, according to his most recent blog post. He's camped, withstood cold and rain, and spent the holidays far from home. Along the way, he's interviewed and videotaped dozens of occupiers to learn their stories. Blog posts have been picked up by The Nation and the Huffington Post.

Keep up with Plain during his final two weeks on the road through his blog bobplain.com or by following him on Twitter @bobplain.

Frederick Remington January 02, 2012 at 03:19 PM
And this is news why? No one reported on my trip when I flew back from San Francisco...
Connie Zack January 02, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Bob is providing his readers with an upfront view of the unique Occupy movement. Whether you personally agree or disagree with the movement, we all need to understand the roots of this protest. When a country has this many unhappy people somebody better pay attention! This is definitely newsworthy.
Frederick Remington January 03, 2012 at 07:11 PM
From Mr. Plain's blog. Telling? A strange kind of reporting, Mr. Plain. You blow into Ashland, bemoan the changes that have occurred since you lived there, assume that whatever your few old acquaintances aren’t involved in cannot have much value, then conclude that the change agents you don’t know except for attending one meeting with them are gentrified dilettantes. No wonder professional journalists look askance at free-lance on-line journalism. I’ve been involved in peace and justice movements since the civil rights days in Louisiana, so I’m in a good position to judge authenticity. Through Peace House, which I now have the honor of chairing (although I live in Phoenix, not Ashland), I have been close to Occupy Ashland since its inception. I have observed the commitment, the skills, and the sacrifices of the people–especially young activists–who initiated and continue to sustain the movement. I admire them and feel indebted to them and am proud to associate myself with them. (rest of the comment is at http://bobplain.com/features/occutour/ashland-ore-where-the-occupation-predates-the-movement/#comment-118


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