Rugby League Under 23 Competition Signup's

Have a Chance to Make the First Ever AYRLA U23 American Rugby League Team. Participate the American Youth Rugby League Association's Local U23 9's Rugby League Competition this Spring.

The American Youth Rugby League Association in association with the Rhode Island Rebellion and Boston 13s Rugby League Teams are Launching a Under 23 Rugby League Competiton in the area. Those between the ages of 16-22 are eligible to participate. 

We are playing a modified version of Rugby League called 9's, using a football field legnth and width. 

The Competition is Launching This Spring. Games are on Sundays and trainings will be held on Wednesday nights. 

The best part is this, we are organizing a American Youth Rugby League Association U23 American Team that will play in the USA Rugby League International 9's Tournament this May vs teams From Fiji, Australia, British Columbia, New Zealand and Jamaica in addition to other USARL Teams.

This is the first ever U23 American Team in History. We will be picking about 1/3rd to 1/2 of the Team out of the best players in this competition. 

Additionally as always the Rebellion as well as the Boston 13s will be looking closely at the participants and possibly inviting the participants to Join their team or Reserve Grade team this summer.

Interested Participants can Email Mike@AYRLA.Org /Peers@Boston13s.com

Video Rhode Island Rebellion v. Boston 13s 2012

Video All Star Game Queensland vs. New South Wales

Link to American Youth Rugby League Association FB Page



What is Rugby League?

In 1895 rugby split into two versions. The biggest difference is that in Rugby League there are 6 downs and when tackled in Rugby League there is no fighting for the ball (known as a Ruck) as there is in Rugby Union.

Rugby union has more laws than rugby league and it has been described as being more a complex game.Rugby league in turn has been described as a simpler game that is easier for spectators to understand as there are less stoppages and a better flow to the game. Mat Rogers, an Australian dual-code rugby international player, has said "Rugby union is very complicated and rugby league is much more simple in comparison".

What is Rugby League 9s?

The same as rugby league laws with the following exceptions.

  • Each team is allowed a squad of up to fifteen players, with no more than nine players on the field at any time. Unlimited substitutions are allowed from a named bench of four players.
  • Each half starts with a place kick.
  • Insead of Scrums when a ball is passed forward, it will result in a turnover.
  • Conversions after a successful try take the form of drop kicks. Players from the team that has conceded the score do not have to retire behind the try line but must not interfere with any conversion attempt.
  • When points have been scored the team against which points have been scored will receive a drop kick from the team that scored (must travel at least 10 meters).

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Lawrence Almagno February 01, 2013 at 07:53 PM
@forme Ports Resident --Yike's some negativity on here. Didn't know youth sports would cause someone to get angry! For the U23 Competiton there will be a few locations. As the note stated to get the most Accurate info Email Mike@AYRLA.Org Thanks!
Lawrence Almagno February 01, 2013 at 11:47 PM
For the U23 Competiton there will be a few locations. As the note stated to get the most Accurate info Email Mike@AYRLA.Org Thanks!
Stanley Martin February 02, 2013 at 12:23 AM
Go back under your rock and shut your mouth!!!!
Lawrence Almagno February 06, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Jim, Were looking for players, players looking to have fun and possibly be apart of something bigger than themselves, possibly representing their country. We are not looking for fans. Also to state everything would take place off the island is not a fact. Furthermore, if you have an issue with toll's I would direct your anger toward the RI Bridge and Tunnel Authority. (As a sidenote, besides heading up the non-profit AYRLA, I happen to be the owner of the Rhode Island Rebellion, sometimes it costs us 10,000.00 to go to a game when we play in Jacksonville). There are some people who live in Newport, Middleton and Portsmouth who work in Groton, Providence, Narragansett. However, like most things in the United States people have the free will to choose for themselves to either participate or not. I am just trying to put forth an opportunity. So I resent your comments, that I somehow am making a profit off the Bridge and Tunnel authority and am getting a kickback for every person that drives over the bridge. That is the only logical thing that one can assume your implying by use of the word Gouge.


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