Main Street Resurgent & Recycling Rubbish

What to love and loathe about living in East Greenwich this week.

RAVE: Happy things are happening on Main Street. Since bemoaning the abundance of empty storefronts last week, I have found out that two (oh, happy days! Not Italian) eateries are about to open. The Greenwich Bay Oyster Bar is going in where Custom House Coffee/Fat Belly’s Bagels/Café Panache/Julia’s  - which is when I moved here so there may be more and I may have missed some as this truly seems to be a black hole spot for businesses (but hopefully that’s about to change) – used to be (now there’s a mouthful for giving directions Rhode Island-style). As far as I’m concerned, any eatery that has the words "Oyster” and “Bar” in their name has to be good! So yay!

Even tastier tidings come from the other side of the street where the hammering and dumpster signal that Jigger’s is in rehab and hoping to open their doors by next month. I don’t know if it is coming with an updated menu to match its shiny new look, but this old Main Street standby has been sorely missed.

Now if someone brave, business-minded and with deep pockets would take on the Post Office Café. Last heard, it was going to reopen in early 2012. Well, that date has been and gone and the building still remains closed. Just one request – follow the trend of Besos and these new restaurants and skip the ziti-laden menu. East Greenwich may be the bridal center of New England, but it is never going to get recognition as Little Italy. So let’s give the Mama a rest.

RANT: This should be a rave. After all, it’s a good thing that we’re simplifying the recyclable garbage into one mass throw-away, right? No more standing in front of a trash can for ten minutes, holding a paper coffee cup encased by a cardboard wrapper and topped with a spill-proof plastic cover ensemble and wondering, which bin?

But I find I am still confused with the new system. I read the instructions twice and still didn't get it. Do we now need a degree on out how to recycle our garbage?

I understand that we can now recycle more stuff. Hurrah! But what do I do with the refuse that can’t go in the containers, like pizza containers and batteries? Should I bury them in the backyard?

And what about the bins? If it’s all single-stream collection, shouldn’t we have single color bins – preferably with what can and can’t be recycled printed on the side (instead of a magnet that is in my kitchen and therefore nowhere near the bins when I am sorting out the week’s garbage).

Also, are the old trucks still good for recycling the new way? They had separate sections for compacting the paper and plastic. Can they do both in the same place now?

One more thing - why does one tub of yogurt have to be made from so many different types of plastic in the first place? The container is usually made from PP (not that kind, Polypropylene) while the tops made from some clearly lower-ranking plastic since the tubs are number 5’s and the lids are number 4’s or 2’s or worse, have no number at all. It’s all rubbish to me!



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