Arrests: Suspended Licenses & Strong Kicks

Information about the following arrests was supplied by the East Greenwich Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Monday, Jan. 23

10:43 a.m. — Police arrested Matthew Webster, 29, of Lafayette Drive for driving with a suspended license after police noticed the car he was driving on Main Street had no inspection sticker and out-of-date registration stickers. Police also found that his license plates were for a truck, not a passenger vehicle. Webster did not have a license and routine checks turned up two outstanding bench warrants for driving with a suspended license. Webster’s car was towed and the plates seized. He was processed at the station, issued a district court summons and citations and released.

Thursday, Jan. 26

9:05 p.m. — Police arrested Gregory Koval, 27, of Carnation Street in Pawtucket, on two counts of disorderly conduct and domestic assault after a daylong episode at family member’s house on Spring Valley Drive. Koval, who family members said suffered from mental illness, got increasingly upset and violent as the day progressed until finally they called the police. After his arrest, he was taken to Kent Hospital for an evaluation.

Friday, Jan. 27

6:25 p.m. — Police arrested Colleen Robinson, 31, of Huldah Street in Providence, for driving with a suspended license after learning that fact during another incident in which she was involved. Her car was towed and she was issued a court summons. Police drove her to 1000 Division Street to await a ride to Providence.

Saturday, Jan. 28

7:19 p.m. — Police arrested Nicole O’Keefe, 25, of Outlook Way in West Greenwich, on two counts of assault, and one count each of obstructing police, resisting arrest, and malicious damage. The incident grew out of a fight between O’Keefe and a friend in the parking lot at McDonalds at 1000 Division Street. The friend had initiated the police call but did not want to press charges by the time police arrived. O’Keefe, however, refused to talk to police except in profanities and lunged at one of the officers, pushing him backwards. She then swung at him, missing. She struggled as police attempted to restrain her. In the police car, she kicked the plexiglass partition between the front and the back with repeated force, leaving marks. She continued to swear at the officers and struggle. While in the booking area at the police station, O’Keefe kicked one of the officers while they were attempting to remove her high-heeled boots. She also kicked the furniture in cell. She was later arraigned at the station and released to the custody of her boyfriend.

8:48 p.m. — Police arrested Eric Stamps, 27, of Middle Road on a bench warrant after he came to the police station looking for information about an December arrest. Stamps was arraigned at the station, paid a fine and was released.

Monday, Jan. 30

1:05 a.m. — Police arrested Rachael Thomas, 32, of Killian Road in Johnston, for driving while intoxicated after she was pulled over for speeding and crossing the double yellow line on First Avenue. Thomas failed a field sobriety test and refused to take the breath test at the station.


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