Buckets Filled with Gasoline Dumped near Boesch Farm

Police report that dumping has occurred on a fairly routine basis near the property.

Town workers came upon an odd and potentially dangerous trio of plastic containers filled with gasoline on the side of the road recently.

According to a police report, police were dispatched to 830 South Road near Boesch Farms after several Department of Public Works employees said they found three white plastic containers filled with gasoline.

The containers were covered and sealed and "it was not a hazardous situation where DEM needed notification due to a spillage," the report states.

The DPW workers said said they'd take the gasoline and dispose of it at the EcoDump the following day.

Police photographs depict buckets that resemble five-gallon plastic containers with attached handles used in industrial and commercial foodservice industries. 

Police spoke with the property overseer who said there have been other recent incidents with items left outside the property on trash day.

Police are investigating.


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