Cranston Man Charged in Housesitting Theft

A 22-year-old man who raided an East Greenwich home after being left behind by a 17-year-old house sitter has been charged with larceny.

A 22-year-old Cranston man is facing larceny charges in connection with the early-July theft of an Xbox, video games, $500 cash and other items from an Empress Drive house left in the care of a 17-year-old girl while the owners were away on vacation.

East Greenwich Police charged Christopher Adlin Michaud, 22, of 180 North View Ave., Cranston, with one count of larceny after he admitted to stealing the items while the house sitter left him behind while she and other friends went to Providence to secure alcohol and marijuana.

Michaud reportedly returned all the stolen items sans the cash on July 9.

Michaud allegedly said he split the cash with two other males but police have not yet filed additional charges.

The case began on July 6 when the resident told police that the items were stolen while they were away since July 2. During that time, the 17-year-old female was asked to check on the house and feed the pets.

Police contacted the juvenile, who came to the house with her father to explain what happened. She said she went to the house the night before along with a group of friends despite being told not to have anyone other than herself at the house.

They then all stayed at the house overnight, she said, and she left with several of the friends to Providence to get alcohol and marijuana, leaving the males behind.

On the way to Providence, the car they were using broke down in the Elmwood neighborhood and they took a taxi back to the house where they stayed until 6 a.m.  She then went to the beach in Narragansett with everyone who was at the house with her.

Police said the girl promised to make amends and began to try to get in touch with her friends in an effort to get the stolen items back.

That led police to interviewing a number of people who were at the house, including Michaud, who initially denied involvement but eventually admitted to taking the items after police confronted him with fingerprint evidence and other evidence.

The two other people who were allegedly in the house and split the cash proclaimed innocence and promised to come to police headquarters on July 9 but did not show up, police said.

Michaud was booked and released with July 18 summons to appear in Third Division District Court. 

Michaud, according to court records, is currently serving a three year suspended sentence after pleading no contest to charges of narcotics possession last November. He was also sentenced to three years of probation.


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