Inebriated Residents And School Mischief

The following information was supplied by the East Greenwich Police Department.

Tuesday, Nov. 1

1:48 p.m. - A Spring Street resident accused her landlord of taking some of her belongings that she had left in the parking lot near her car. She also told police that her laptop and $200 in cash - both from inside her apartment - were missing. Police talked to the landlord, who said he’d cleared what he thought was trash from the parking lot after being directed to clean the yard by the town’s building inspector. He also said that he had not been in the woman’s apartment.

8:51 p.m. - A Marlborough Street woman called police to report that a drunk woman was on her front steps. The drunk woman, who did not know where she was or how she’d gotten there, was taken by rescue to Kent Hospital.

Wednesday, Nov. 2

12:53 a.m. - The bartender at the Greenwich Hotel bar reported that a customer had become belligerent when told he was “shut off.” She called police after he started threatening another customer, but he left before police arrived and she declined to press charges.

Thursday, Nov. 3

6:43 a.m. - A Church Street resident who was taken by EGFD rescue for chest pains told police that she had not told rescue personnel that her boyfriend had kicked her, causing the pain. Police were following up on a report of that from the EGFD. She said EGFD must have misunderstood her.

5:02 p.m. - A teacher at Frenchtown Elementary reported a missing tote bag that contained Scholastic Book Club orders and checks totaling $387. She said she’d walked to her car on Monday, Oct. 31, but realized that she’d left her keys in the school. She left her bag in the passenger-side rear wheel well but it was missing when she returned. She had delayed filing a police report on the matter, she said, because she had hoped the bag would turn up.

Friday, Nov. 4

1:30 p.m. - A Coventry resident reported damage to her car on Sept. 24 from a pothole on South County Trail. The road, which is undergoing construction, has been altered since then and the woman couldn’t find the exact location, but a Cardi Construction representative had told her to get a police report to include with her claim.

12:55 p.m. - The principal of Frenchtown School asked police to increase patrols around the school after some recent delinquent activity on the premises. She cited beer cans in the gazebo, graffiti on a trailer, and evidence that individuals had been on the roof.

Saturday, Nov. 5

9:03 p.m. - Police responded to Marlborough Street on the report of a drunk woman. The woman, who appeared drunk to police according to the report, said she needed her medication and that her oxygen had not been delivered. She was taken by rescue to Kent Hospital.

Sunday, Nov. 6

12:16 a.m. - Warwick Police asked EGPD to help with a call of an intoxicated patron at McKinley’s Pub on Water Street in Warwick. The man was very drunk, according to the police report, and barely understandable. Attempts to reach someone responsible to pick up the man were unsuccessful so he was taken by rescue to Kent Hospital.

3:33 p.m. - A Main Street resident complained that her husband, from whom she’s getting a divorce, had been making harassing phone calls to her. Police contacted the man, who lives in Exeter, and asked him to stop repeatedly calling and texting her. The man said he would.


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