No Jail Time For Campellones In Adirondack Drive Drug Raid

Father and older son receive suspended sentences and probation after they are arrested for operating a marijuana grow operation on Adirondack Drive.

Kent County Courthouse. Credit: kent.countycriminal.com
Kent County Courthouse. Credit: kent.countycriminal.com

Robert E. Campellone and Robert B. Campellone – father and son – will not face jail time in connection with charges they faced after a police raid June 8, 2012, turned up evidence of a marijuana growing operation at the family house on Adirondack Drive.

The cases against the two Robert Campellones were disposed of in Kent County Superior Court Wednesday, according to Amy Kempe at the state Attorney General’s office.

The first case involved the seizure of marijuana from the house on Adirondack Drive in which the two Roberts and second son Kyle Campellone were charged.

Kyle, 23, entered a plea to cocaine possession over a year ago, entered treatment and got a deferred sentence.

Robert B. Campellone, 25, pleaded no contest to the charge of possession of 1 to 5 kilos of marijuana. He was sentenced to five years at the Adult Correctional Institutions, suspended, with probation.  

The case against Robert E. Campellone, 60, was dismissed based on the facts, Robert B. Campellone’s plea, his own plea in a second case (see below) and the fact that the house on Adirondack Drive was agreed to be sold as a part of the forfeiture action that followed their arrests.

The older Campellone pleaded no contest to a separate charge of cocaine possession by the R.I. State Police in August 2011. For that, he was sentenced to three years at the ACI, suspended, with probation.

The house at 236 Adirondack Drive is being handled by federal authorities. According to EG police detective Lt. Jay Fague, no decision has been made on the proceeds from the forfeiture.

Rosie January 10, 2014 at 06:34 AM
That's just wrong!
Mike Schultz January 10, 2014 at 07:10 AM
No it's the system we own, the best justice money can buy. Bleeding heart prosecution and a loosed judge to boot. Criminals -1, 'We the People'-0, that else is new?
nonpc January 10, 2014 at 07:28 AM
What I laugh at is the fact that Sr. had 'time hanging' from 2011, violates his probation only a year later, AND STILL does no time. Too funny... Run, don't walk to the nearest exit my friends. This state grows more pathetic every day.


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