Police Log: Details Of Phillips Road House Breaks

Information about the following incidents was supplied by the East Greenwich Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Credit: EG Patch
Credit: EG Patch

Wednesday, Jan. 15

3:25 p.m. – Police got the first call about a breaking-and-entering in progress at 33 Phillips Road. At the house, police heard from a 13-year-old resident, who had been home watching TV when her dog began barking. The teen walked to the door to see what the dog was barking at and saw a man trying to open the window from the outside. She told police the man waved and half-smiled at her. She alerted her brother, who called their mother, who called the police. Police saw the window had been opened several inches.

While there, a resident at 83 Phillips Road called police to say there was an unknown man in her house. She told police her doorbell had rung and she’d looked out a side window to see who was there. A many was at the door and he rang the bell again and used the door knocker. She waited for him to give up, but then saw an image of the man in her hallway. He appeared to have come from a bedroom and was making his way to the living room. The resident followed him outside, where he ran toward Birchwood Drive. She then called the police. The man was tall, white, slim, dressed all in black and carrying a large, soft suitcase. He matched the description of the first intruder.

At this point, EG police called NK police and state police for assistance. An NK police officer arrested Nicholas Hanlon, 22, on Bayberry Lane, one block over from Phillips Road, after being flagged down by a mail carrier. The mail carrier told police he’d seen someone who fit Hanlon’s description emerge from the bushes in front of 115 Phillips Road. The mail carrier had asked him what he was doing, but got no reply. Then he asked what the man was carrying, and the man told him he was carrying clothes from sleeping at a friend’s house. The mail carrier kept him in sight, waving down the NKPD when it came down the street. Hanlon had with him a white fire chest/safe, a grey metal box and various items of jewelry, cash, coins and paperwork.

While canvassing the area, police were approached by a resident of 115 Phillips Road, who told them he’d found a ladder up against the back of his house, just next to a bathroom window. Later, the white fire chest/safe was found to have documents from 115 Phillips Road.

Some of the items in Hanlon’s possession at the time of the arrest matched the descriptions of things stolen from 26 Lafayette Drive on Jan. 7. Hanlon was charged with breaking and entering while a person 60 or older was in the residence, attempted B&E, receiving stolen goods (two counts) and possessing cocaine (found in his wallet at the time of arrest). Hanlon was released on $5,000 surety bail with a felony screening date of March 10.

Thursday, Jan. 16

5:36 p.m. – Police arrested Jeffrey N. Roy, 49, of Smith Street, Putnam, Conn., for driving while intoxicated, with a blood alcohol level higher than .15 percent, after he was pulled over on a tip from another driver on South Road. When police talked to Roy, they noticed he smelled strongly of alcohol. He admitted to having been drinking earlier. The woman who called in the tip was there also and told police Roy’s truck had nearly run into several poles, had crossed the double yellow line multiple times and nearly hit her car. Roy submitted to a field sobriety test, which he failed, so he was taken into custody. At the station, he took two blood alcohol tests, the first showing a BAC of .214 percent and the second of .211 percent. While in a cell awaiting arraignment, Roy became agitated and argumentative so he was taken to Kent Hospital for evaluation. After he was treated and released, police brought him back to the station.

Saturday, Jan. 18

12 p.m. – Police assisted EGFD in putting out a vehicle fire on Stone Ridge Drive. A carpet-cleaning service had parked their van next to a house and the van caught fire. The van had a generator inside to run the cleaning equipment. It was unclear where the fire had started, but damage was confined to the van.

Sunday, Jan. 19

2:24 a.m. – A Lillibridge Drive resident told police someone had tried to take items from inside his car while it was parked in his driveway. He said he’d been alerted when a car alarm sounded. He got up to investigate and saw the interior light on in his car and a man inside. The resident then opened his door and yelled, “Hey!” prompting the suspect to run east down Lillibridge. He described the suspect as about 5’6”, slim, wearing jeans, a navy blue parka, and a tight knit cap. The resident checked both cars and nothing appeared to be missing. Police searched the area without success.

Monday, Jan. 20

1:16 a.m. – Police arrested Jeffrey W. Dugas, 37, of Lorriane Road, Westerly, and Robert S. Tice, 25, of Cove Avenue, Warwick, for disorderly conduct and vandalism after they got into a fight in the lobby of the Greenwich Hotel, resulting in a broken glass front door. Neither man wanted to press charges on the other. They were both arraigned by a justice of the peace at the station and released with District Court summons’ and no-contact orders for each other.

Fastback January 28, 2014 at 10:28 AM
13 year old child and a lone female. They must have been terrified. We've had way too many of these incidents in EG lately. A message needs to be sent to anyone who is considering breaking into a dwelling in EG. While there may be a back story worthy of examination and empathy, the state must consider the fact that compassion for the guilty is often cruelty to the innocent. Not just for those already victimized but for those future victims if the state fails to make an example out of him.


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