Three-Car Accident on Route 2 Causes Backup

Two the cars involved were part of a funeral procession

Around 11:40 a.m. this Monday morning, three cars were involved in an accident while traveling south on South County Trail just past Middle Road. Although drivers appeared shaken, no one was taken by rescue from the scene.

Two couples were following each other from a memorial service to the burial site when the first driver said a tractor-trailer suddenly pulled out in front of him causing everyone to slam on their brakes. Each car slammed into the next as the tractor trailer kept driving, the driver said.

The woman from the third car from East Greenwich was shaken and upset. "The other drivers are telling the police about the tractor trailer right now," she said, asking not to be identified.

The other two couples from Cranston and West Warwick were on their way to a cemetery with "Funeral" tags in the window.  

"Today is my birthday, and this doesn't make for a very good birthday at all," said a woman from the second car, who was from Cranston.

Her car, in between the other cars, appeared to have received the most damage. There was damage to both ends of the car, and the windows in the back were completely shattered. There appeared to be a sand/chemical mix put down under the car to absorb leaking fluids. 

Fire crews, police and an ambulance were all at the scene. No one was seriously injured, and no one left in the ambulance. The woman in the first car, who was from West Warwick said, "I'm okay.  I just have a little bit of a headache."

She said because of what happened, she would head home and not continue on to the cemetery. 

were continuing to divert cars around the accident.  By noon, the fire crews and ambulance had left the scence, but police officers were still interviewing the people involved. The middle car was being moved to a flat-bed truck for removal from the southbound lane.  

Mutato September 13, 2011 at 04:08 PM
From the photos, it looks as if that tractor trailer most likely left that intersection just South of the Middle Rd intersection. It's a blinking light intersection. Maybe if the lights functioned, this would have been avoided.


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