Vicious Dog Hearing Set For Thursday

A vicious dog hearing for a Rhodesian Ridgeback that attacked a Golden Retriever at Ryan Park is set for Oct. 25 at noon.

A vicious dog hearing for a Rhodesian Ridgeback that reportedly attacked a Golden Retriever and its owner at Ryan Park is set for Thursday, Oct. 25 at noon.

According to reports from the North Kingstown Police Department, the Ridgeback broke loose from its owner during a walk in Ryan Park and then attacked a Golden Retriever. The Retriever sustained multiple bite wounds to its neck and stomach while the dog's owner suffered a small cut on her finger. The Ridgeback's owner also was injured during the scuffle as she attempted to separate the two dogs. Both dogs were up to date on vaccinations.

An animal control officer visited the home of the Ridgeback and learned that it lived with another dog. According to the owner, the Ridgeback was only aggressive toward other dogs and that it had been to a trainer several times.

The owner of the Golden Retriever requested a vicious dog hearing for the animal. In the police's reports, the Retriever's owner demanded that the other dog be destroyed and that if the town didn't take care of it that "the community will take it into their own hands." According to the animal control officer, "even if the dog is deemed vicious, it will not get put to sleep."

The hearing is set for October 25 at noon at the North Kingstown Police Department.

Malissa (Mel) Allison October 24, 2012 at 07:49 PM
There are way more options than having or even requesting the dog be euthenized. There are muzzles that the dog can wear when out in public. Im ashamed anyone whom owns a dog would even suggest a dog be euthenized. It seems to me the ridgeback has not had the social training it needs or is biting out of fear aggression or excitablility. Whatever the reason for the biting Im sorry anyone's pet was bitten or any human was bitten in the encounter but Im still not for killing an animal until all other options are exhausted and it sounds like neither is the justice system where this happened thank goodness. there is way to much euthenizing going on lately
LC October 30, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Findings – Vicious 3-0 Must be muzzled and leashed when off owners property Must be leashed or in an enclosed area when on owners property Must be insured by owners (at least 100,000) with NK listed as additionally insured Must notify police if dog gets loose If owner moves must notify both cities/town of the move Owner cannot give dog away or sell dog Must be microchipped Notifying the patch about this hearing was my attempt to give the community a heads up. I was disappointed the patch put a spin and added verbiage (not in the police report) to the story in order to encourage comments. The number of comments and traffic on the site are part of the criteria assessed during job reviews for the editors. Adding undocumented/unnecessary verbiage to evoke comments is unethical. I would think the most pertinent information about the story would have been location and number of attacks/complaints reported previously (public record at police station / same place my report was retrieved.) FYI: I am positive that a software engineer at AOL built the patch “from the ground up”.
Samantha Turner October 30, 2012 at 11:31 PM
LC, FIrst off, thank you for posting the findings of the hearing. I meant to check in with the NKPD last week, but was wrapped up in Hurricane Sandy coverage. I will get the full details from them this week. Second, I'm not sure what "verbiage" you took issue with. All of my information came directly from police reports supplied by the North Kingstown Police Department. I can add those reports directly to this story if need be to support this. As for your claims about me writing this story in such a way to generate more comments, I have stated this before and will state this again: I view my job as the editor of North Kingstown Patch to provide the people of this town (my hometown that I grew up in and love) with the news to keep them informed. I could care less about driving up the comments. You had asked me personally via email to post information about this hearing and I did just that because I believed, like you, that the people of this town should be made aware of this situation. I'm sorry you take issue with how I reported on this story and that you feel you were misquoted, but my information comes directly from the North Kingstown Police Department.
Dark star October 31, 2012 at 12:12 AM
Yes lets have a doggie intervention.... make sure it has the proper "social skills" to be out in public. Maybe all people that frequent Ryan park could make a donation for "social training" classes. After all, the classes will benefit them as well the owner of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Or for NK parent, maybe an arbitration hearing would be in order.
LC October 31, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Second reported attack with injuries same dog / same place Complainant sustained bites and punctures on legs Complainant could not return home via wooded trail due to aggressive dog trying to continue attack Complainant received a ride home from very gracious strangers after ending up their backyard / 1 mile from home Thanks again for "blogging" about the vicious dog hearing. The findings are available and very straightforward. Last, I also love my community and can trace my local family ancestry back at least 12 generations. At least we both “love our community”.


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