Waiter Allegedly Altered Receipts to Steal from Customers

A local waiter was caught allegedly doctoring customer checks to boost his tips.

East Greenwich police charged a 36-year-old West Warwick man and local waiter for allegedly stealing money from customers by altering tip amounts written on customer credit card slips.

Police said Marc Anderson Mastrobuono, of 75 Glen Drive, West Warwick, was working at Pal's Restaurant on Division Road when he allegedly doctored slips on June 1.

Police were notified of the alleged thefts after the owner of the restaurant said he was approached by a bartender who apparently noticed the altered slips. 

Police said they view copies of the slips in question and they did appear to be modified.

The owner told police he contacted the customers who signed the slips and they said the tip listed on the receipt was different from what they actually tipped.

Mastrobuono was arrested at the restaurant on June 4.


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