Cole Field Construction Shakes Houses, Neighbors Say

Two Sarah’s Trace residents – already suing the School Department over damage they say was caused by construction of the new Cole Middle School – call police to report new vibrations.

Work to improve drainage on the , which had flooding problems after the new school opened, prompted two neighbors to call police recently over what they said were house-shaking vibrations.

Christopher Lamendola, of 50 Sarah’s Trace, and Thomas Hogan, of 40 Sarah’s Trace, asked police to document their complaints Wednesday, Aug. 8. Both men are part of .; .

In police reports from Aug. 8, Lamendola and Hogan said their houses, both of which abut the middle school – were vibrating due to use of heavy construction equipment on the fields. Lamendola said that under an agreement with the School Department he was supposed to be notified about any work on the site and said he hadn’t been.

According to Sean Sullivan, from construction manager Strategic Building Solutions, no large vibratory rollers were being used for the drainage work. Vibratory rollers had been used during construction of the school itself. Instead, Sullivan said, Manafort (the company hired to do the work) was using a small plate compactor.

In addition, he said, Manafort was using rubber tire excavators instead of metal track excavators to reduce possible vibrations. Two dump trucks have also been on the site, he said.

School Committee lawyer Matt Oliverio said last week the homeowners' lawsuit is "still in discovery" and that there have been a lot of depositions taken. He said it would be another year or so before a trial might take place.

Drew Davies August 23, 2012 at 05:54 PM
While I realize this issue has been going on for some time - this has become ridiculous. The Town Council and School Commitee are made up of intelligent, well meaning people. While the school system helps maintain property values and of course educates our children, doesn't the needs and/or concerns of our residents matter?? These people have been living with this problem for years now. How can this be? Is it not in the best interest of EG to keep its residents safe and protected? If Town government won't do it who will? These people pay taxes like the rest of us, yet it seems their interests are not being addressed. The true test of any government is the way in which they govern the people who elect them. I can already hear the comments " we are not at liberty to discuss ongoing litigation" etc. Well then how about all involved stop hiding behind attorneys and remedy the problem. In any challenging situation, those involved are either part of the problem or part of the solution. I'm reading all kinds of reporting on those who seem to be part of the problem, yet no discourse from those who can and should be part of the solution. It seems outrageous that in the interest of a new learning facility, certain residents are being trampled upon. Isn't education also about settling disputes and working TOGETHER to find a remedy?
EGRealEstateM August 23, 2012 at 07:10 PM
@DDavies I am told that these houses are severly damaged and it has put the Town which was obviously in charge of this project in a serious legal bind. Being in the Real Estate business the word is out that not only did it affect these people but will affect the Real Estate value of the whole neighborhood. I wouldn't want to be put in a situation like that...I don't know what the Town was thinking here and not dealing with the problem from the beginning!
EGRealEstateM August 23, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Good luck selling these houses...would you buy one of these??


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