General Assembly Candidates To Debate Oct. 24

Mark Curtis of ABC 6 and EG Patch's Elizabeth McNamara will moderate debates between state House Dist. 30 candidates and state Senate 35 candidates at the Varnum Armory next Wednesday.

Candidates for the R.I. House District 30 and Senate District 35 General Assembly seats will meet Wednesday, Oct. 24, in a debate sponsored by East Greenwich’s Republican and Democratic town committees and East Greenwich Patch.

The debate will be moderated by ABC-6 political reporter Mark Curtis, an East Greenwich resident, and EG Patch editor Elizabeth McNamara.

“The Great Debate” is set for Varnum Armory, with the State Representative candidates Anthony Giarrusso, Mark Schwager and Kevin McDonough taking the stage at 6:30 p.m. and State Senate candidates Dawson Hodgson and Winter Hames taking their places an hour later.

Admission is free.

Town Committee chairs Tom Plunkett and Chuck Newton said the debate is an effort to stimulate voter engagement in November, and provide an opportunity for all five candidates to present their views on key issues before the community.

“Back in August, we held a very successful debate among the three Republicans seeking the State Representative seat,” said Newton.

“Even though this was just a primary contest, more than 120 turned out for the event, an excellent sign of political interest and engagement in East Greenwich. Our hope is that two or three times that number will join us at Varnum on the 24th.”

Tom Plunkett, chairman of the East Greenwich Democratic Town Committee, said the debates were “a terrific opportunity for voters to see their candidates in action.”

“Many voters get to the polls without an opportunity to meet or otherwise assess the candidates for whom they are voting. This is a chance to change all that. It is good for the voters, it is good for the candidates, and it is very positive for East Greenwich.

“It’s a unique opportunity. We don’t know of any other community in Rhode Island that is doing anything like this,” said Plunkett.

EG Patch is looking for questions for the candidates. What do you want the candidates to talk about? Let us know. Leave your question here in the comment section or send an email to elizabeth.mcnamara@patch.com. Thanks!

Wayne Peacock October 22, 2012 at 09:15 PM
yes or no questions to uncover their world view: 1. Would you support having affordable healthcare available for all those living in the US as a basic pillar of your country? 2. Were you in favor of ending "don't ask don't tell"? 3. Do you believe gays should have all the same rights to marriage as straights? 4. Do you support austerity cutbacks and lower taxes for all as the best strategy for improving our economy? 5. Do you support massive government creation of national public works programs as the most intelligent immediate (say 3 years) strategy to improve the economy? 6. Do you think we need to address our deficits immediately? 7. Do you think we can hold on reducing our deficits for a few years while we focus on job creation by the government. 8. Would you prefer that all of the 12,000,000 law abiding undocumented immigrants be returned to their countries of origin? 9. Would you prefer that all of the law abiding immigrants be given a path to citizenship without having to leave the country? ( you could make this just RI) 10. Do you think government is for sale in RI. 11. What did the t party movement and the _________(i forget the name right now-the camping out in public places last year) movement have in common? Wayne Peacock 885 8488 waynepeacock@cox.net Wayne Peacock 885 8488


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