3 GOP Candidates Vie For State Rep. District 30 Seat

Bob Bolton, Dean Fachon, and Anthony Giarrusso, all of East Greenwich, are each looking to earn the GOP spot on the general election ballot Nov. 6.

It's been 20 years since the Dist. 30 state representative seat was up for grabs. In 1992, Rep. Bob Watson (R) won the seat and has held it ever since. His announcement has prompted five people to get into the race, three of them Republicans who will face off in the primary Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Dean Fachon, Anthony Giarrusso, and Bob Bolton are the three Republicans. None has held elected office before and Fachon and Giarrusso are first-time candidates as well. Fachon is the endorsed candidate.

In (sponsored by EG Patch and the town GOP), the candidates voiced their reasons for running.

For Anthony Giarrusso, he said he's running because, as a business owner, he wants to help create jobs.

For Bob Bolton, who has run for this seat twice before, as a Republican in 2008 and an independent in 2010, said his vision of the state includes a more intense focus on tourism.

Dean Fachon spoke of adding a General Assembly "sunset session," which would be an opportunity to roll back legislation he said was restricting growth.

Whichever of these candidates wins Tuesday's primary will go on to face .

At right, there are pdfs of the EG precincts with polling locations and primary information from the Town Canvasser. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Maggie Weddle September 07, 2012 at 01:27 PM
I got this yesterday in an e-mail. Can Patch find out if this is true? WHAT’S AN ENDORSEMENT WORTH? Under RI statutes, there is a ‘District Committee’ appointed to endorse candidates in each General Assembly race. Typically, incumbent office holders are those permitted to nominate these committees. And this year, the committee for District 30 was nominated by the out-going State Representative, Robert Watson. The committee comprised Rep. Watson; his mother, Jane; and three long-standing supporters. Without interviewing any other candidates, the committee endorsed Rep. Watson’s long-time friend, Dean Fachon, in the District 30 race. As a result, Mr. Fachon’s name gained first position on the ballot, and is highlighted with a star. The important thing to know is that beyond the District Committee nominated by Rep. Watson, no official body considered or made an endorsement of any of the candidates. Neither the Republican Town Committee in East Greenwich or West Greenwich made any endorsement, nor has the state Republican Party. Nominating a District Committee is one of the perks of being an incumbent in Rhode Island, and it is a practice that has long outlived its usefulness. I’d like this to be the last election in which this practice is followed.
Chuck Barton September 07, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Just to be clear, no candidate has been endorsed by the East Greenwich Republican Town Committee, the West Greenwich Republican Town Committee or the State GOP. The endorsement of Mr. Fachon was by the District Committee, which includes Bob Watson and four people he chose. The District Committee gave its endorsement without interviewing the other candiddates.
Wendy Fachon September 11, 2012 at 07:52 AM
Maggie raises a good point, and I'll respond. Dean Fachon led me back to his hometown of EG 16 years ago to raise a family. In the time we have lived here, Dean has made point of seeking out his district rep, Bob Watson. to discuss pressing issues that bothered him. This was how Dean "got involved". Repeatedly Bob encouraged Dean to run for public service. Dean graciously told Bob, thank you, but that's not for me. Running for and serving is a tough job. Often thankless. Political candidates and their families tend to get dragged through the mud. Rather, Dean chose to work behind the scenes, using his logical and persuasive writing skills to express his viewpoints in editorial form. So why has my husband taken his leave of senses? Why did he throw his hat into the ring. Because he cares. He is a man of great moral integrity. I have known him for 36 years, and I can tell you he is a humble man. I encourage you to look at some of what he has written... http://www.netscribe.com ...perhaps you might weigh this into your decision. Dean and I thank Bob Watson for listening over the years and for doing his best to represent our viewpoints and ideas. Bob, you will be missed. Wendy Fachon Campaign Manager http://fachon4district30.com/


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