[VIDEO] Biology Students Talk To Rep. Langevin

The Congressman tells students he does believe in climate change and says development of a variety of alternative energy sources are needed to change that.

U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin visited Mr. Rath's freshman Honors Biology class last week . But he stayed extra to answer questions from the students, including this first one: 

"Do you believe in global warming?" 

"I do," Langevin replied. "I can tell you the science is overwhelming that global warming and pumping greenhouse gases into the environment, it's a man-made problem." 

Another question had to do with whether or not the federal government was supplying enough money to develop alternative energy sources. Langevin said the best-case scenarios have the private sector coming up with solutions but that government seed money is usually required.

Students also asked about nuclear energy. The congressman stayed an extra 15 minutes to talk to the students. 


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