Rhode Island Summer

Why do you love summer, Rhode Island?

If you have ever been on a cruise, or in some other foreign location, and said you lived in Boston instead of Rhode Island, you are not alone.

It’s just that, Rhode Island is pretty teensy, and you can avoid that awkward question of, “Is it an island?” where you promptly have to explain, "No, it’s not an island - the whole name is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations ... " And then you get the, "You're kidding!" So you have to explain that Rhode Island is really Aquidneck Island and that it was named Rhode Island because it looked liked the island of Rhodes to European explorer Verrazzano....

So you say, "Boston," instead.

However, for all its quirks and annoying little traits, Rhode Island has one thing that it’s really, really good at: Summer. 

For we, Rhode islanders (Rhode islandites? Rhode Islandians?) know how to have a good time. I mean, we’re the Ocean State, it’s pretty much implied. If you ever get to whining about how much better off you would be in New York, or some other exotic place, just think of Rhode Island in the summer.

1. Del’s Lemonade: Forget the ice cream truck of years past; have you ever seen a group of Rhode Islanders when a Del’s Lemonade Truck rolls past? Forget about it. This frozen drink, in a multitude of flavors, comes with its own instructions on the official website: Step one, shake the cup (the warmth from your hand will melt the ice slowly) Step two, sip right from the cup, and step three, repeat. It does not get any better than that, Rhode Island.

2. Newport Creamery: Ever had an Awful Awful?  I haven’t, ever. And I am deeply ashamed. It’s been over four years that I’ve lived here and not once have I ever had an Awful Awful. Whenever I say those words in public I get horrified looks and astonished gasps. But, mark my words, by the end of the summer, I promise you, it will happen. 

3. Iggy’s Chowder house: I just have one word to say about this: Doughboys.

4. The beach: This is the most important, exciting thing of all: our beaches. We’re known for them. My favorite, I have to say, is Roger Wheeler.  I understand that Narragansett is most people's favorite, but I could never really get into it. Maybe it was the $18 dollar parking. Anyway, you will be seeing me, soaking up the sun at Roger Wheeler this summer. And by soaking up the sun, I mean applying SPF 50 every two hours and praying that I don’t get burned.

5. Brickley’s Ice Cream: This is the place where all your ice cream dreams come true. That's lucky for me, because it’s on the way back from the beaches. The ice cream is homemade and to die for. Seriously, if you haven’t ever been, get there.

6. Many, many, many other things make Rhode Island amazing in the summer!

“It’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do.”

                         -Walter Winchell


Until next week!


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MR. TIM KENNEY July 14, 2011 at 07:37 AM
You have never had an Awful Awful? My goodness Rachel. You not only need to have one but you need to try the "drink three, get the fourth free.". Hope your summer is going well.


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