Hanaford Students Dig Deep, Raise $446 For Needy Family

Teachers challenge students to collect money for the needy and the students step up.

Students at Hanaford showed excitement for a challenge given to them from their fourth and fifth grade teachers. Instead of making holiday snowmen again, students would collect money for a needy child through the Gingerbread Express. This program through the National Education Association of Rhode Island helps get gifts for needy children for the holidays. Last year the program gave 13,000 gifts.

Students were asked to bring in a dollar, but then they decided to hold a challenge of which class could bring in the most money. This winning class would receive an extended recess. This upped the ante. Students dug deep into their piggy banks and raised $446 for the cause.

Parent Judy Finkle served as the contact person, shopper and wrapper. Another parent, Jodi Nichipor, helped with the wrapping as well.

"The Gingerbread Express has touched my heart to have our Hanaford fifth grade children donate to others, have our local Target say yes when asked to help, and let me be the elf that did the magic of the season," said Finkle.

From this challenge, a three-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy received aid. Winter coats, hats, gloves, overalls as well as other clothes, toys and books were purchased for the kids.

Principal Beth Cauley gave all the students extended recess for doing such an amazing job raising money for the cause.

"The fifth grade students at Hanaford were thrilled to have the opportunity to make someone else's Christmas special. Their excitement should be a reminder to all of us to be generous to those who are experiencing a time of need," said Cauley.

Target in Warwick gave 10 percent off the purchase of the gifts.


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