[VIDEO] 'Destiny Africa' Takes EG By Song ... and Dance

This energetic and infectious children's choir from Uganda will be performing Sunday at the EG United Methodist Church.

The childrens’ choir Destiny Africa performed at Meadowbrook and Hanaford schools this past week and performs Sunday morning at the . A very spirited bunch, their music and dancing is infectious.

“I thought it was really cool because I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to sing and dance with other people from cultures,” said Meadowbrook third grader Miguel Figueroa. “And I’ve never ever gone up in front of everyone in the school to dance.”

The whole school was up on its feet by the end of the performance, dancing and singing.

“It was cool because it was interesting to have people from other places come to our school,’ said Jane Huber, also in third grade. It may have been cool, but when Huber was asked if she thought she could perform like that, she demurred. “Oh, no!”

If you are interested in seeing Destiny Africa, the Methodist Church said all are welcome Sunday at 10 a.m.


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