Students Elect 2012-13 Class Council Officials

EGHS students elected their class officials for Class Council next year

With the conclusion of one school year comes the preparation for the next. At EGHS, this means school elections. Posters plastered around the school, rumors swirling in the hallways, it all leads up to an advisory period of speeches and then the actual voting process. 

This year, speeches were filled with hope for the coming year, as well as some outrageous comments. Andrew Miner, president of the class of 2014 said, “I stuffed my bra for this class!” referring to his role in the school play. But also carried on the theme of hope with saying, “We need to continue on the path we have set this year.” 

Commitment was a prevalent theme in the class of 2015 elections, with president Gabby Granatiero pointing out, “Class Council is more than an after-school activity for your college application.”

Adam Sticca, a runner-up for president, said, “I’m a competitor, I want to be serious.” 

While elections are sometimes seen as a "popularity contest," this year a tone of seriousness dominated, with lots of decision-making ahead. 

“When it really gets down to it, people are going to choose the candidate who will actually get stuff done,” said sophomore Emma Falkenberry. Hopefully the elected officials will accept their responsibilities, and make next year even more productive for our school.  


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