More Students Plus Rain Equals Lots Of Traffic At Cole

The most complicated part of the first day at Cole Middle School was the morning drop off, which saw lots of parents driving their children to school

Maybe it would have gone more smoothly if it hadn't rained. Whether it was the rain, or because students were heavy laden on the first day, lots of parents drove their children to Cole Middle School on Tuesday, giving the two police officers assigned to direct traffic there plenty to do.

Buses, running a bit late, had to wait in line with all the cars as they wound their way into the parking lot. Although there are two lanes for drop off, one for cars and one for buses, there's only one entrance.

In an email that went out to parents Tuesday night, Cole Principal Alexis Meyer said that students taking the bus would help with traffic flow.

"I encourage students to ride the bus to school and home," she wrote. "This will help in preventing the back up of cars on Cedar Avenue."

Meyer also warned students against getting out of the car on Cedar Avenue - "The safety of all Cole students is of utmost importance."

Assistant Principal Vin Verrecchionne was at the front entrance (used by students for the first time), telling them where to go. Once all the students were in the building and school began, teams were called down to the cafetorium one by one to hear basic information and some rules about Cole.

On the large screen, Meyer's own video played, complete with Cole student avatars talking about what is and is not allowed at Cole (think cell phones, baseball caps and short skirts). For the sixth and seventh graders, that session was followed by a tour of the building.

Since the day began late, everything was pushed back, but the main objective had been acheived: Cole Middle School was at last a grade 6 through grade 8 facility.

Di September 07, 2011 at 09:57 PM
My son would take the bus but it comes way down the street at 6:52 and desn't get into Cole until 7:28 would rather let him sleep a little longer than take such a long ride on a bus
NATIVE 1950 September 08, 2011 at 12:46 AM
Why don't we just do away with school buses all together and save the taxpayers the money spent on the school bus company. Also Principal Meyer needs to speak to some of the parents that speed in and out of Cole and refuse to honor the 20 mph speed limit with flashing yellow lights at each end of the school zone. I think that when a student is hit, and possibly killed, by one of these parents speeding in this area, I wonder what the outcome will be then. Get your kids out of bed at 6:00 am, have their breakfast, do what they have to do to be ready for the bus, and go to school and hit the books. No, instead, wait til 15 minutes before school starts and drive 40-50 miles an hour down Middle Rd. or Kenyon Ave. and arrive just in time to create a log jam of traffic with the school buses. Hope you all have a fun school year.
Carl I. Hoyer September 08, 2011 at 02:25 AM
It might be interesting to determine what percentage of students travel by bus. I rather expect it would be a small percentage and, if so, perhaps we could get smaller buses or, maybe even have the School department have their own bus service. Actuarlily, I'd bet it would be less costly.
Heather Larkin September 08, 2011 at 02:30 AM
I think the state requires that transport be provided for all students, except those within a short range.


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