Cole Social Studies Teacher To Serve As Interim Asst. Principal

Dan Seger will fill in as the district looks for a replacement for Vin Varrecchione, who was named athletic director for Cranston.

East Greenwich Assistant Superintendent Paula Dillon has resigned to take a new position in Barrington, and Assistant Principal of Cole Middle, Vincent Varrecchione resigned to take a position in the Cranston School District.

Dillon served as assistant superintendent for Teaching, Learning and Diverse Populations in East Greenwich. Her new position in Barrington will be similar to her current role. The new position for Dillon titled director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Grants, will streamline her focus on curriculum. Dillon's EG position included working as director of Special Education as well as her curriculum duties. The new position in Barrington will eliminate the special education portion of her responsibilities since Barrington has a separate director of Special Education.

"It was just the right position for me right now," said Dillon. She commented that she was not in search of a new position, but this one became available and brought to her attention. Her last day in EG is August 31, and she begins her new position in Barrington on Sept. 4.

Superintendent Victor Mercurio thanked Dillon for her service to EG at Tuesday's School Committee meeting. School committee members Deidre Gifford, David Green, Jack Sommer, Mary Ellen Winters, and Paul Martin accepted her resignation with regret. They remarked as a group they were sad to see her go. Dillon added, "Thank you. This is bittersweet."

"Timing at the beginning of the year is never optimal," Mercurio said. He stated they would search for a new director of special education for EG, but that the other duties will be re-evaluated to see what EG needs. "At this time we are just going to try and get support for the special education part of the job. We are looking for central office administrators who are recently retired or looking for that kind of part time opportunity. I have a couple leads."

Vincent Varrecchione was not present at the meeting; however, Mercurio praised him for his service to EG as well, where he served as Athletic Director and Vice Principal. Social Studies teacher, Dan Seger, will serve as interim Assistant Principal in Varrecchione's place. The school committee approved this interim appointment. Seger attended the meeting and stated, "I'm honored and very excited. I'm ready!" Varrecchione will be serving as athletic director in Cranston Schools.

Technology teacher Christopher Pilling from Cole, also resigned and the position will be listed for replacement.


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