Schools Tech Director Job Still Vacant Six Months After Resignation

Twice now candidates have dropped out of the running; more interviews planned this week.

When for the EG School Department, Supt. Victor Mercurio said . Six months later, the position is still vacant and, after a second candidate withdrew in December, interviews must start again.

“He went to pursue a different opportunity,” Mercurio said Friday about the most recent candidate. Neither candidate offered an explanation, according to the superintendent.

The hiring committee met on Friday and could start again with interviews as early as this week, he said.

“We have some folks who had applied originally that we were somewhat interested in. We’re going to have them come back and interview some of them,” Mercurio said. “Probably right now it looks like six candidates to interview.”

Questions about why it has taken so long to hire someone have been percolating around town for several weeks. It was a main topic of discussion at the Thursday night Meadowbrook PTG meeting, according to three different sources. EG Patch was told that some even questioned whether or not a specific EGSD technology director was needed, since the district has survived six months without one.

Mercurio said Friday that the department absolutely did need a tech director. “In the interim, we’ve had some folks who’ve kind of sub-ed and that’s enabled us to get the reports in to RIDE that we need,” he said referring to data report submissions required by the R.I. Department of Education.

Parent Jen Condon, who attended the Meadowbrook meeting, expressed her frustration with the delay via email:

“While I am pleased that they took time after Jerry retired to evaluate and re-write the job description for the Technology Director position, I can not understand why it has taken over six months to fill the position.”

She continued, “This is either a position that needs to be filled much sooner rather than later or it needs to be determined if there is a current town position that will fill the needs and have that person become involved with the school's technology issues.”

Heather Larkin January 09, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Maybe be we just need a part time Tech Director? Things have not imploded in the last six months but I know that behind the scenes there are 1 or 2 SD employees who have been scrambling to keep things moving. I had a MINOR issue that involved the Tech Director. I started inquiring in July and it finally got handled in October! The man who took care of it was clearly overwhelmed with the extra work he was taking on- though very apologetic for the long delay. It's possible that handing all of these responsibilities over to a town employee will lead to the same situation.
Jen C. January 09, 2012 at 01:39 PM
In order to have a comprehensive plan between the technology used at each building and to have someone to go to for questions and problems someone in the position is a must. Part-time or full-time?? school or town employee?? Things have not imploded with no one in charge, but neither has forward progress been made. The people who are trying to do their own job and fill in for this position are doing their best to tread water but it has been challenging. The schools technology needs to be part of someone's job responsibilities however it is handled!
bwg January 09, 2012 at 02:30 PM
We need someone who will handle the nuts and bolts of the network infrastructure across the school district but, more importantly, someone that has a vision for integrating technology into the classroom. Our EG schools are so far behind the curve in learning technology integration. We need someone that knows and understands the harware/software that is best for our teachers and students as well as someone that understands you can buy it, but that doesn't mean it'll get used. Training the teachers is a key piece of the equation.
ELM January 10, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Someone ought to talk to the teachers about this. They would find that there is an appalling lack of technology support in this district. How about carts of ipads unable to be used for months because there is no one to set them up? How about printers that sit unused for lack of funds or someone with clearance to purchase cartridges?


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