This EGHS Senior Has An App For It

Nikhil Mahadevan developed an iPhone app for the schedule unveiled at the high school last September.

  • Nikhil Mahadevan
  • Nikhil’s a senior at EGHS.
  • He’s 18.
  • Earlier this year, Nikhil developed an application for the iPhone that would help fellow students keep track of what classes they had on a particular day. That’s because the school unveiled a new schedule this year which rotates on a six-day template. In other words, “A period” is your first period on Monday, your second period on Tuesday, your third period on Wednesday and so on. It can get confusing.
  • So Nikhil decided to solve two problems at once: help students remember their schedule while giving himself a senior project. Every senior must complete a project as part of the graduation requirements. This year, these projects ranged from organizing a fundraiser for the Make A Wish Foundation to learning how to teach yoga to becoming an online journalist and Nikhil’s project.
  • The big goal for Nikhil was to have his app accepted by the iTunes app store, which happened in December. Come fall, he’s off to George Washington University in Washington D.C.


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