Why Early Dismissal? Supt. Mercurio Explains

Thursday's early dismissal was the second this year.

Credit: Narragansett/South Kingstown Patch
Credit: Narragansett/South Kingstown Patch
Kids might like early dismissal from school, but for parents it can be a pain, with a scramble for child care in some instances, or the chance a parent doesn't find out until a child arrives home early. Notification has gotten easier, with robo calls and email notifications, but no system is flawless.

So far this school year, East Greenwich schools have had two early dismissal calls, including the one today. EG Patch asked Supt. Victor Mercurio what goes into the decision-making process when contemplating early dismissal. Here's his response:

"One of the more significant contributing factors is the late regular dismissal of Hanaford and Meadowbrook. Bus runs even in the absence of inclement weather can stretch well beyond 4 p.m. Given what was being forecasted for today, I wanted to make sure that we completed runs before snow coming down at a 1 to 2 inch per hour clip. Also, I wanted folks to have the ability to plan accordingly (at the end of a holiday break this seems particularly important as families transition from one schedule to another), especially with little ones who need before/after school care."

What do you think about early dismissal? 
Danielle Iannone Salisbury January 03, 2014 at 08:48 AM
I think it was perfect. As it was, driving to Hanaford pick up at 2pm was getting tricky so I was glad to get everyone home before it got worse. At least the kids had a brief check in at school before serious vacation brain fog sets in.


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