Opening Day For Freshwater Fishing At Frenchtown Pond

By afternoon, the crowds had thinned but there were still several anglers plying the waters.

By 2 in the afternoon on Saturday, there were a dozen or so people fishing at Frenchtown Pond. The crowds of the morning had thinned and that was just fine for Joe Costa of West Warwick, who was there with his 13-year-old son Nate.

Positioned beside the deepest part of the pond, beyond the bridge, Costa had already caught two fish and he said he usually never had trouble catching the limit (five a day). 

When asked his secret, Costa said, "Luck." 

A few minutes later, he pulled his third fish out of the water (see the video, attached). 

Nearby, Laura Kazanjian and Kevin Fitzgerald, both of Warwick, were having some luck too. They had three fish and then caught a fourth.

When asked who was going to cook the fish, Kazanjian said, "He is." And he cleans the fish too? "Yeah. I don't touch 'em," she said.

"I fish here every opening day, for the past three years," said Fitzgerald. As for cooking the fish, he said, "I like to do something on the grill with a little lemon pepper on it. I like it lemony. Sometimes I'll fry 'em."

Nicholas Sanzi, 10, of East Greenwich, was fishing with his father and brother. He was shoeless, after having fallen in the water earlier. 

"He got his shoes a little wet when he went out on the log. It's part of the experience," said Tim Sanzi, Nicholas's father. The Sanzis live nearby, which makes it convenient. "It's nice, it's a nice spot. It's a nice opportunity to get the kids out," said Tim.

Ray Stachelek's got it easiest of all. All he has to do is look out his back window to see if there are people at the pond, living as he does in a house that abuts the pond property. 

Strachelek bought the house 10 years ago because of its proximity to the pond. He's a fly fisherman who writes about the sport for a variety of publications and acts as a guide for fishing trips around Narragansett Bay and Block Island Sound. 

He was casting at the pond on Saturday too. All casting has a gentle touch, but flying casting is especially pretty. For Strachelek, being in nature, the quiet and peacefulness, that's what he likes. He doesn't even keep the fish he catches. 

Back with the Costas, Joe's just lost a real big trout, biggest he'd seen so far that day. But fishing takes patience and Joe was sanguine. 

"That's why it's called fishing and not catching," he said, casting out over the water again.


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