The Dolans Are Boosters Extraordinaire

George and Roxanne Dolan attend countless games, help run the concession stand and cheer all the children as if they were their own.

They are always there. It’s 40 degrees and drizzling for a soccer game and they are there. It’s basketball’s White Out night in freezing January and they are there. It’s lacrosse on a muggy spring evening and George and Roxanne Dolan are there.

“They are the boosters,” said Patty Carosotto, president of the EGHS Booster Club, of the Dolans, who's son Ian is a senior.

It's not because George is he Boosters vice president and Roxanne is secretary. Rather, she said, “they always fly under the radar and give everyone else credit.”

When it comes to high school sports, said EGHS administration staffer Sue Verdon, the Dolans have “undying devotion.”

Athletic Director Chris Cobain couldn’t say enough about the Dolans ... but he tried.

“The hardest working and most dedicated parents I have worked with,” he wrote in an email. “The nicest, kindest, most genuine and loyal people.

“The time and energy they give to the athletic department is so far above and beyond, I can't possible put into words what they have mean to me and my job here at EGHS.”

The Dolans have specific Booster Club duties - George buys all the food for the concession stand and for outdoor games brings tables and the tent; Roxanne sends out the daily listserve emails with results and upcoming games - but their real role supersedes such narrow concerns.

“They have done so much for the Booster Club,” said Carosotto, “but not only for the Booster Club. I just feel that they have done so much for the community.”

"I don't think the Booster Club would be what it is without them," said Verdon. "They both always have a smile on their face. They truly enjoy the kids."

"The kids" seem to feel likewise.

“They’re just always at the school. They put in so much time and we really appreciate it,” said senior Eli Brown, a soccer and volleyball player.

“They pretty much do everything for the teams,” said senior Max Palmer, who played football and basketball. “They’re always around.”

“I’ve known the Dolans since fourth grade,” said junior Scott Cullinane. “I would see them at Little League games.”

Now he sees them at Avenger baseball games.

“I love Mrs. Dolan, she’s great,” said senior lacrosse player Megan Soule.

“They’ve been at every game since freshman year,” said senior soccer player Andrew Perkins. “I’ve never not seen them at a home [soccer] game.”

Parents, too, are awed.

“I don’t know how they do it,” said Kathy Jo Payette, who has two sons at the high school. “I can appreciate how much time they put into it.”

“They’re always here. They’re always involved,” said parent Paul Langhammer. “They take as much delight in other people’s children as their own.”

Indeed, their son Ian will graduate next weekend and the Dolans will be stepping down from their Booster Club leadership positions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be around.

“I think one of the problems is that people don’t stick with the high school after their kids graduate,” said George on Friday. They aren’t going anywhere, he said.

That’s what Carosotto expected. Still, she said, for the Booster Club next year, “there will be a missing piece that will be very difficult to fill.”

Mary MacIntosh May 29, 2011 at 01:29 AM
The Dolan's are a delight and their dedication to the athletes is beyond compare! Thanks for all you have done. Mary M.
Therese Vezeridis May 29, 2011 at 01:51 PM
Thanks to these parents who make the Town of EG a better place in which to live and in which to raise one's family! Also a wonderful Role Model!


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