EG Waterfront Making Waves

The Providence Journal gives Page One coverage to the thriving Water Street restaurant scene this week.

They've been building all summer – the crowds on Water Street, that is. With the July opening of and the and Water Street , things are hopping on Greenwich Cove. The Providence Journal has noticed.

It's been a while since there have been three thriving restaurants on Water Street. Twenty Water Street was open last summer and drew regulars, but Blu's deck renovations have ramped up business there.

, are in their second summer and they say they hope to stay around for a good long time.

Meanwhile at Harbourside, young people mob it on Thursday nights, with an older clientele the rest of the weekend.

Valet parking services have played a big role, since there are far more cars than parking spaces on Water Street. According to the ProJo article, 600 to 800 cars are valeted a night ... a night!

And ProJo didn't even include , more a bar than a restaurant and not directly on the water, but still a mighty presence.

All of this comes at a cost, of course, to residents of the area, but Police Chief Tom Coyle told EG Patch they are keeping up a big presence Thursday through Saturday to diminish the negatives.

"You always get one or two beer muscles," said Coyle. "The last few years we’ve relaly worked to nip that in the bud."

Coyle said the second shift (3 to 11 p.m.) officers are held over on those nights until 2 a.m. They work with the third shift officers and the detail officers paid for by the restaurants, adding up to 10 to 12 officers in the waterfront area some nights.

At closing time, officers are posted at King, Lion, Marlborough, Water streets and Crompton Avenue to watch for yelling, public urinating, and drunk driving.

"So far," said Coyle, "it seems to be working."


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