Christ Church Invites Community For Christmas Eve Dinner

The annual event draws lots of volunteers as well as grateful diners.

This may come as a surprise, but according to 's Christmas Eve dinner organizer Melissa Corcoran, the hardest part of her job is making sure she finds something to do for everyone who comes to help.

"We have so many volunteers, just trying to find something for everyone to do is hard. We have an overabundance," said Corcoran, who headed up the dinner for the second year. Christ Church has been holding the dinner, which took place Saturday night at the , for 21 years.

In addition to the volunteers who came to serve on Saturday, a crew of others from Christ Church got together earlier in the week to make table decorations - this year, cardboard Christmas trees dotted with gum drops. Hung from the ceiling were dozens of large stars, transforming the ulitarian space into something warm and, perhaps, even a little magical.

Guests and volunteers melded together as the evening wore on and volunteers took a break to eat their own holiday meal. With a large assortment of Gregg's cakes for dessert, few missed making at least one trip to the dessert table.

"It's very nice. It's nice to have someplace to go on Christmas Eve," said a woman named Joyce who lives in West Warwick.

"The camraderie of everybody in the community," said Tracy Davis of why she came out.


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