Power Restored To Maplewood, Silverwood Drives

Cheers were heard on the streets as lights went on at 5:12pm on Thursday evening

There were still some dead power lines lying the street, but new lines were up and power back on in the area around Maplewood and Silverwood drives Thursday just after 5 p.m.

National Grid trucks rolled into the neighborhood around 2 p.m., and power was up and running a little over three hours later at 5:12 p.m.

When National Grid first arrived, people asked if they were there to get the power going. 

“We are not making any guarantees," said one National Grid line worker. "We were pulled off another job to come here and left that one unfinished. We are not sure when the power will be up."

Earlier, residents had heard that the National Grid website was showing that the estimate for power to be restored to the area had been pushed back to Wednesday, Sept. 7.

Some residents had been staying at hotels since Sunday or borrowing generators from friends who had had power restored earlier in the week. Spirits were low and residents were thinking they were in for the long haul without power.

Then National Grid showed up and the lights came back on. Cheers were heard along Maplewood at that moment.  


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